This new collection is proudly presented to you by Marie-Lise Lachapelle, designer, creative director and owner of Marie-Lise Lachapelle Jewelry. This line is the result of many years of daring to dream about taking her signature collections to a whole new level of luxury.

While she continues to work with real elements of nature, such as leaves, orchids and roses preserved in resin, enhanced with gold, silver, and innovative combinations of stones, in 2010 she began creating fine jewelry inspired from those elements of nature.

The roses, branches and orchids featured in our new collection can be created in either sterling silver or 14, 18 and 22 karat white and yellow gold, allowing our clientele to choose what best suits their market without compromising on look, quality or individuality. The same is true of the sparkling white or black diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds - all can be replaced with more affordable semi-precious stones if requested.

This new line of mixed elements is at once whimsical, feminine, edgy and all who wear it, all pieces are truly unique.

From the renaissance inspired frames featuring diamond-eyed humming birds, branches and orchids, to the oversized cocktail ring modeled from an orchid petal, we always stay true to what has defined our collections from season to season. Marie-Lise Lachapelle continues telling a story and making an exquisite statement. ....

Every collection is designed and produced in New York City, an ever growing source of inspiration.

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